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Why do babies need bibs?

Why do babies need bibs?

If you’re new to the baby world, you might just be wondering why baby bibs are so important. Well you’ve come to the right place to find out…

The human body creates 2 to 4 pints of saliva every day (!) By the time we’re adults, our saliva glands know what they’re doing and we have mastered the art of being able to control all that saliva. Clever eh!

Babies’ saliva glands however, are not quite there. For the first couple of months of their lives, our babies drink easy-to-digest milk so things shouldn’t get too messy… but around the 2-month mark their saliva glands start to power into action and this is when the onslaught of Dribble begins to kick in (and when the bibs really come into their own!) Thanks to the two layers of terry towelling material sandwiching a synthetic interlining (both unique features of our bibs), you’ll be super-duper equipped to tackle any dribble that is thrown your way.

But don’t wait until it is too late. Baby bibs are also very handy to have in those newborn days. Whether you are breastfeeding or feeding with formula, in most cases bibs prove a very worthwhile investment. They will catch any milk spillages and also minimise the risk of your baby’s outfits getting stained; saving you money and time as you won’t need to be replacing ruined clothing.  

Did you know that around half of all babies experience reflux? This usually occurs by the time they’re 12 months old and as a result some will experience excess moisture around their chin, which can lead to a sore rash. A bib is great at wiping away any of the milk that has been brought back up as well as keeping the chin area bone dry.

A question we get asked a lot is “how many bibs will I need?” Well, this differs from baby to baby but we would recommend around 7-10. This is a comfortable amount as it allows for a bib a day (with a little wriggle room) and time for those in the wash to dry. If you’d like to start with more than one, we do have some offer codes here.

We are delighted when customers get in touch to say that they are no longer using the 30+ high street bibs they’ve acquired, instead swapping them for just a few of ours.

So – are you ready to meet your Dribbler’s new best friend? Dribble over some of our adorable designs here.